Built with care and tailored to your every need the resort boasts all the amenities you may desire. Upon arrival, you can visit the traditional Rassa Restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool overlooking the valley, the Satyam Yogasala providing daily open air yoga classes, as well as the Sundaram Spa and Wellness centre.

Satyam Yogasala

Let yourself find true inner peace by joining our complimentary open air yoga class, provided daily every morning at 7am. Led by our professional instructor you can unwind and prepare yourself for the day ahead. For a more personal experience in-villa yoga classes are also available.

Kandarpa Wedding Chapel

Exquisitely situated for the perfect view point, our wedding chapel overhangs the edge of the mountain side creating an out of this world feeling. You and your partner can share your special moment along with the ocean and mountains supporting your journey together.

Acharya Gym

If you find yourself with some extra energy our gym will be open from 6am to 9pm every day. Equipped with modern equipment which you can tailor to match your preferred workout routine.

Somma Bar and Day Club

Our bar and day club is the perfect place to relax and put your feet up, whether its after a long day of exploring the waterfalls or just to enjoy the stunning sunset whilst reading your favourite book. Located alongside the swimming pool you can cool off and try our wide range of famous cocktails.